Today was a normal day, I did not really think too much about my procedure. I guess you can say I am anxious to get it over with. I am more nervous about how I will feel with the device in my shoulder and how I can’t overexert my arm for a few days after the procedure. If I move my left arm too much it could knock a wire out and then the doctors have to do it over again, so it is important to keep my arm stable.

I am going to keep this entry short and sweet because there is no point in going on an on about how I feel. I will go more in-depth about my surgery after it–makes it more beneficial for others that way.

Besides I don’t think I am going to know how I actually feel about the procedure until its time.

I know that I have a great doctor and that this is a good thing for me. I just need to keep reminding myself how fortunate I am for getting the opportunity to receive an ICD.