In 2007, I plan to do more research for my condition and build on the information that I already have on Huge Heart. I would like to write a section on defibrillators and eventually start a forum for visitors to ask questions. If someone has a suggestion please e-mail me, obviously I would like to make the most user-friendly website that I can.

My last post was almost two months ago–I just took a break to fully recover from the surgery and deal with the holidays. I wish I had blogged during my recovery period, however, the recovery was just resting my left arm so the swelling would go down in my chest–there really wasn’t much to tell.

I feel 100% at this point, I had a 2-month restriction on what I could lift and how I could move my arm but that is officially over tomorrow.

My Grandfather always told me that his defibrillator was the best thing he had ever done for his health, I agree. It obviously has not saved my life yet, but I am confident based on the statistics that it will someday–if I need it. Just knowing that you have a small emergency room in your chest gives you a great deal of comfort with your heart condition. Another great thing is that it’s small, you cannot even tell its inside your chest–I forget its there. Also, these devices are going to be even more advanced in years to come–they are supposed to go wireless.

Just remember that there is always something you can do to better yourself and your health. If you have a heart condition and you are looking at getting a defibrillator, do not hesitate to get it even if you don’t need the device like me–it was a great investment. It can only help.