A Successful Surgery!

I am glad to be out of the hospital and that the surgery is finally over. The surgery took about an hour and a half–the doctor implanted the ICD and tested it during the timespan. He pushed my heart rate up to 200 bpms and the device kicked right in. The normal position of the device is in the hollow of the left shoulder, the doctor planted my device closer to the middle.. Read More

The Night Before My ICD Implant

Today was a normal day, I did not really think too much about my procedure. I guess you can say I am anxious to get it over with. I am more nervous about how I will feel with the device in my shoulder and how I can’t overexert my arm for a few days after the procedure. If I move my left arm too much it could knock a wire out and then.. Read More

A True Hero

My last entry was about two weeks ago and it was written with the assumption that I would have my ICD implanted in my chest within two weeks–my procedure was delayed due to my grandfather’s passing and I will now have my procedure late next week. Last week was a very hard week for me, I lost someone that I was very close to. This entry is going to be dedicated to my.. Read More